Thursday, November 13, 2008

My first sunless tan....b/c I don't have anything else to talk about on here. that a ghost?
After I went to Planet tan. I am very pleased with it. I got the lightest setting and it only took a few minutes! I am in a wedding on Saturday and I can't be all pasty white in a pink dress. This is all I have people. I don't have a baby to brag about so you get to hear about this kind of stuff....sorry. Luvs!


Lindsay said...

Listen hear Missypooh, you don't have to have a baby to brag about to blog! You just blog about whatever comes to mind. Hey, join 20somethingbloggers and you will find tons of babyless bloggers that ROCK! Might I add that you look HAWT! I love planet tan! That's my night time 20 min escape! That's where I hide out :) Ok dear I'm going to bed since it's 2:35am and I am pooped! May I have your e-mail add'y? PUULease!

Andréa said...

Oh my gosh. I am SO DOING THIS! You look amazing. It looks so real!